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Housing in Florida

A new pilot housing project is making headway all over the country, and making inroads in Florida. Over the next several years, homeowners could be allowed to convert their garage and other spaces, into small living spaces. City governments like the Florida Housing Authority are looking at the success of other cities to determine what if any changes could be made before allowing these types of developments in their communities.

These spaces are known as lane way houses, and have now a stape of several cities, including Montreal, Toronto and other. Proponents argue that as real estate prices continue to rise, unique housing strategies like laneways could soon actually become necessary. With people losing their jobs and struggling to pay their bills, this can quickly become a reality in a state like Florida where mobile homes and trailer parks are super common. Even a Daytona Beach SEO Services company like the one we use, is affected by this.

Opponents argue that lane way housing could have a bad impact on neighborhood landscapes, and may result in areas that become too crowded. Lots of neighborhoods are primarily single family homes, and residents want to keep it that way. However, more residents will have access to more medical facilities like, Florida pain management clinics.

The immediate future will be interesting to see how lane way housing is working at solving housing problems. We will keep a close watch with you.